The idea of the workshop was born in April 1975 during the Euromech 56 Conference, in London. A few of the papers presented there dealt with rotating gas flows. The scientists with interest in this field then organized the first Workshop on Gases in Strong Rotation, which was held in Stockholm in May 1975.

Since 1975, meetings have been held every two years, successively in Cadarache, Rome, Oxford, Charlottesville, Tokyo.
After the Tokyo meeting in 1985, it was decided to broaden the field of interest and the Darmstadt Workshop in 1987 restarted the series under the current title. The meetings in these series have been held successively in France (1989), USA (1992, 2003), China (1994, 2006), Brazil (1996, 2008), Japan (1998), Russia (2000, 2010), France (2012). The field of this workshop has been extended to non-proliferation and safeguards issues in 2003.